League of Legend-Removal of Foreign Aid Restrictions

Success is Only Achieved if Players are Recognized Regardless of Nationality, There have been several major events in the European and American transfer period this year, in which a number of big-name players have gone out of the region, and some media believe that this is due to the “foreign aid restriction”, which should be abolished in the league.

Disadvantages of the Foreign Aid Restriction Rule

The Foreign Aid Restriction Never Actually Works

At the same time, Riot also wanted to extend the time for foreign players to fully integrate into their districts, leaving them enough time to become citizens of the local districts. The problem is that the problem that Riot wants to solve has not been solved: the exodus of Korean players. Over the years, even with the best players joining the LPL, the LCK has done well overall, with three different teams winning world titles in the last six years, most recently DWG.

In the LPL, there are also players like Rookie and Doinb who are fully integrated into the new region and who not only speak excellent Chinese but have also helped their teams win world championships. Some foreign aiders have even started families in the region, completing the fairytale ending. The foreign aid restriction rule does not limit them from becoming the best and most popular players in the LPL.

Unfair Rule-Foreign Aid Restriction Rule

League needs to evolve


The 2021 season will be a must-watch season to see if the current foreign aid restriction rules really work. In 2020 we saw Vietnam’s SofM help the team reach the finals and compete against the already well-known Korean team for the title. So it’s not just traditional sports that have proven that it’s true when the people in their position can be recognized regardless of nationality or race.

We have evolved, and it’s time for Riot to catch up.

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